About me


I’m located near the A3 and ICE track between Frankfurt(Main) and Cologne.
For on-site projects I prefer an engagement between Düsseldorf and Mannheim.


After secondary school I successfully finished my studies as engineer for electrics and technical IT in 1993 and became immediately a self emplyed software developer


Until 1999 I conducted projects in a variety of industrial branches and implemented Systems measuring, controlling and coordinating production processes e.g. for robotics, plastic foils, tyres, steel coils, machines for steel bending, sawing and drilling.

Enterprise Software

Starting with the .net Hype I began conducting projects for banks, telecom, logistics, chemistry and public service.

Future projects

I like the versatile requirements of my profession, creating or improving complex structures, the speed of technological change, elegant designs and the IT specific ethics.

I’m enthusiastic about starting a green field Project with a small, highly qualified and motivated Team.

But there is also an intriguing fascination about a modernizing a complex system, grown over the years with it’s own variety of applied technologies – the thrill of a challenging puzzle.


Patchwork with four kids, two dogs, two cats and a snappy tortoise.


Nothing special,
a variety of sports (jogging, inline skating, biking, strength-endurance training, scuba diving)
and of course nonsens with any kind of computer.