Role as consultant

As stated on the start page I am a selfemployed software engineer (freelancer) .


I focus on consluting, developing and supporting of complex Enterprise software.

My primary work is developing in the Microsoft/.Net world


I prefer to work with time-based budgets. Doing so I can support in an early phase of a project when requirements, architecture and target specifications are yet to be defined.
In agile projects a time based contract is also best applicable.

Full-stack developer

I support your project in all phases of its lifetime and in any developer roles:

Project roles:
  • Business Analyst und requirement engineering
  • solution design,  splitting and structuring of tasks, effort estimation
  • identification and detailing of non-functional requirements
  • negotiate data contracts to external software
  • ressource management and management reporting
  • test management and Reporting
  • DevOps
  • version planning, communication with product owner
  • deployment
Developer roles:
  • Test developer
  • database / repository developer
  • backend / Business logic developer
  • frontend developer
  • reviewer
  • Service and support developer

I’m no UX designer!